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Speed to lead - instantly engage your leads

Funnel new leads from various channels into one place so you can instantly engage with them. Channel integrations include, chat, text, Google AdWords, Google My Business, and all your landing pages and web forms. The faster you respond to the leads the higher the yield in your conversion rates.

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Provide an exceptional experience

Engage your leads while you have their attention. By using our knowledge base scripts, engagement strategies and text messaging, you will qualify and convert more appointments. Communicate using your brand voice while personalizing every experience on any of your communication channels.

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Book more appointments

Now that you have qualified the potential customer and answered the questions, it’s time to book the appointment. All the information including the conversation and the appointment time is handed over to the appropriate person or retail location. Watch your conversions grow.

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Watch your Appointment Funnel™ grow

Watch your ‘Appointment Funnel™ grow on a daily basis. You can track and measure everything so you know where the leads are from, what ads are working, what the customers are asking, and how to reply. Reports will include your conversion rates from web visitors to sales qualified leads to appointments booked. All sales qualified leads will be integrated into your CRM and marketing funnel so you can continue to stay in touch.

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A picture says more than a thousand words

Convert a phone call or chat to a text message to continue the conversation. Integrate pictures/videos to engage and facilitate the conversation, or use them for remote estimates. A click of a button activates the camera on the visitor’s phone and the picture will be added to the case.

Your Agents - Our Software

Use the platform in your call center or sales department to make it easier for your team to instantly engage and qualify your leads.

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Full service Contact Center

Sweet Relish U.S. based team are trained according to your brand guidelines and sales processes. Equipped with answers to all common questions the full-service contact center team can book more appointments for you and significantly reduce the number of touches required by your sales team.

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